What we do

We deliver transformative programs with integrated coaching for executive leaders, leveraging wellbeing to power performance and build thriving organisations.

Applying the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology and wellness, we equip executives with practical, validated tools and strategies. These can be implemented immediately, amplifying their impact and enabling executives to create a culture of wellbeing-driven success.

More productive

Less fatigue

More creative

The Thriving Leaders Program

Eight one-day workshops are delivered with insightful, caring and courageous facilitation, ensuring a shared experience with common learning and language.

Each workshop introduces new concepts, content and tools, carefully building on the previous workshops to enhance learning and create sustainable change. After each workshop participants apply the new skills in the workplace.

Coaching sessions in between workshops are delivered individually, enabling the opportunity for confidential dialogue and unique needs to be addressed, which embeds the learning into lifelong change.

Wellbeing measures are taken before the commencement of the program and on completion, providing empirical measures of progress.

The program is delivered in close consultation with our client’s CEO and CHRO. Before commencing, we gain an understanding of the areas most in need of focus. We then deliver the key content tailored to their needs, regularly reviewing progress with them and adapting as needs emerge or alter.

The Thriving Leaders Program utilises Dr Martin Seligman’s P.E.R.M.A. model of wellbeing, leading edge research and empirical evidence-based positive psychology tools and interventions.

Learning is enhanced by our unique facilitation, drawing on the combined depth and breadth of our experience and knowledge.

Understand the brain’s optimal neurological state and how it impacts executive performance

Develop the skills of positive communication to enhance performance and business outcomes

Learn how to embrace executive stress to power performance, not deplete it

Harness executive strengths to influence culture, decision making and behaviour

Discover how leading with gratitude and kindness fuels energy and resilience

Understand the skills for sustaining highly productive relationships

Unlock the secrets to high goal achievement and accomplishment

Create a roadmap to integrate the tools into workplace culture

Advanced workshops

We offer optional half and full-day workshops:

Mastering difficult conversations with positive outcomes: Many leaders feel uncomfortable having difficult conversations which leads to procrastination or poor, confusing delivery of the message. This specialised workshop leaves participants armed and prepared to have the toughest of conversations in a safe and clear manner. Master how to initiate uncomfortable conversations, deliver difficult messages, manage reactions with composure and bring conversations to a respectful close. Do all that with absolute clarity while being infused with care and compassion that doesn’t deplete the receiver or the leader. A must-skill for any leader.

Mastering appreciative enquiry to foster innovation and inspiration: Appreciative Enquiry is a change management approach that focuses on identifying what’s working well, analysing why it is working well and then doing more of it. It helps leaders bring a collaborative, strength-based approach to change that works. This workshop is practical and experiential, enabling participants to learn and apply Appreciative Enquiry tools to plan for concrete change.

Bespoke executive workshops

We create and facilitate bespoke executive workshops leveraging positive psychology and wellbeing tools. These are developed in close consultation with our Thriving Leaders clients to meet their unique needs. The type of bespoke sessions we have been asked to run include; offsite executive team planning meetings, senior leadership team development days, strategy or blue sky sessions, and other client-specific requests.

Our results

After working with us, our executive clients:

…teams are more cohesive and productive with less stress…

  • are more cohesive as an executive team during challenging periods
  • harness stress positively
  • deliver improved performance
  • experience better team unity
  • achieve more without burning out
  • enjoy more harmonious relationships at work and home
  • get through difficult times better and bounce back faster
  • experience more optimism

In other words, they’re more productive with less stress and greater resilience. And they’re happier!

Who we are, together

We’re leaders and coaches who advocate for a new leadership paradigm – executives who embody wellness, leading in ways that nourish and sustain vitality, focus and productivity, build community and unleash higher performance.

There’s an alchemy in the way we work with clients that motivates and inspires them. The interplay of our combined knowledge and expertise, our grounded and practical approach, authenticity, positivity and ability to simplify difficult things enable us to catalyse sustainable change.

We strive to embody the knowledge we share with our clients.


Tracy is an international executive coach and leadership performance facilitator whose expertise has been acquired with global and regional companies while based in Australia, New York and London. She has extensive experience in the professional services, insurance, engineering and manufacturing sectors. Tracy’s mission is to help business leaders and their organisations meet complex challenges and perform at their best. Working with individual leaders and executive teams, Tracy helps them harness their capabilities and focus on the execution of key priorities, creating the energy and momentum to achieve critical goals.


Stephanie is a Professional Accredited Coach and one of Australia’s foremost authorities as a practitioner in the field of positive psychology. With over 5,000 hours of accumulated practice through 12 years as a professional coach she expertly utilises scientific research in neuroscience, neuroplasticity and positive psychology to tap into and develop the factors that influence psychological wellbeing and happiness. In short, she helps people become happier, more resilient, more productive, more creative and healthier; which results in significant workplace improvements.

Hear it from our clients

Thriving Leaders has positioned me to be my best self, professionally and personally.  From the first session with Tracy and Steph you realise their incredible passion and commitment to you as an individual and a group.  With self-discipline you will grow to lead yourself to an optimal state of self-leadership and lead others with confidence, leveraging new tools to pass to your teams. I passionately recommend this program and I extend gratitude to Tracy and Steph for the person I am today.

Melissa, Human Resources Executive

(We) engaged Tracy and Steph to provide Executive Leadership development during a time of significant change.

The program that was delivered far exceeded our expectations. The Thriving Leaders Program progressively extended individual leadership strengths and built true team cohesion within a newly formed executive team over an eight month experience. Tracy and Steph’s unique skills draw on best practice models with a focus on practical application to support leadership excellence and wellbeing.

The program was so well received that we are now incorporating it within our broader Leadership Development program across the whole organisation.

I highly recommend the Thriving Leaders Program to any organisation and especially those that want to truly empower leaders to be the best version of themselves.

Nicole, People and Performance Executive

I really appreciate how deeply you both listened, and crafted and evolved our program to be perfectly suited to us.

Rebecca, Growth, Strategy and Marketing Executive

Tracy and Stephanie have assisted me with developing personal strategies to manage my thoughts, feeling and behaviours more effectively both in business and personal life. This has resulted in greater productivity at work, allowed me to navigate challenges successfully and reach my career goals with grace, ease and creativity. There has been a marked improvement in my communication style enhancing my interpersonal relationships. Their skills, experience and authenticity shine through and they are highly recommended.

Michelle, Risk, Audit and Compliance Executive

What an amazing journey! Thank you so much for working with us in such a thoughtful, brave and considered way. This has made such a difference to our team.

Lindy, CEO

A wonderful, enlightening experience that can only be said to have supercharged the team’s and my leadership potential for success.

Jim, Public Sector Executive

The knowledge of how our brains physically respond in everyday situations of happiness, stress or confrontation, together with the practical advice around how to implement this knowledge in everyday situations, has had a profound and positive impact on the way that I engage with those around me and the way they respond.  The program not only enhanced my ability to identify positive and negative behaviours in myself and others, but also provided a tailored set of tools to help me proactively manage these situations.

The program has given me a greater sense of confidence both in a business sense and in my personal life, but more importantly the program has given me permission to focus on, and exhibit a deeper appreciation for, the positivity that is already in my life.

The Thriving Leaders Program has real relevance in every-day life and Tracy and Stephanie’s delivery has the perfect mix of harsh reality, education, compassion and authenticity.

Brett, AsiaPac Marketing Executive

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